Jul. 26th, 2008

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Just bought the first season of The L Word. I've never seen it, but it was on sale so I figured I'd finally check it out. Going to go watch in a bit ^_^
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Just finished watching the pilot (ep. 1&2) of The L Word

One word. GUH!

Okay. Shane is a total hottie. Thanks to the internets I know some things about Shane's future storyline, but that doesn't change the hot. And...just guh all around. Though this does confirm that overly large breasts don't do much for me, at least when uncovered. Bette and Tina are so adorable, I hope Bri and I can be like that someday (at least if there aren't any future bad things? I'm sure there are, becuase this is TV).

Going to watch the third episode later tonight, probably.
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Ahhhh, I've been nominated for a forum award. Yeah, it's just for fun, but...geez, compared to the other two, I totally don't deserve it. *blushes and is unsure if she should vote in this category or not*
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Tina - You're sweet (too sweet for your own good sometimes) but you don't give up easily on the things you want. You want connections and ties to the people you love and you cherish the family atmosphere. Don't give up on yourself; even if people accuse you of being boring (True or False : Right now you are wearing fuzzy wuzzy slippers.) Learn to listen and be careful when you assume things about people you know (like you're partner of 6 years...) but other than that stay the same sweet person you already are.
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