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One of the teeny things I want from now on now that I have my own place: a bookshelf devoted solely to books about gender/queer theory and sexuality.

I only own three such books right now, but I have quite a few on my wish list (how the fuck do I not own Gender Outlaws or Gender Trouble>?). Right now the books I have are on the shelf in the closet to keep them away from my grandmother while I was moving, but once we get things settled and I have the cash for another bookshelf, they're going out in the open (well, in a shelf in my room, so still behind a door but you know). I refuse to be ashamed of the fact I'm trying to become a better being in all ways, including sexual.
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Okay, this is on the kinky side, but since no one but Girl really reads this journal (well, my mother knows of it, but FFS I'm almost 21, so whatever) the hell did I not know about this before?

The Ceremony of the Roses

1. As a symbolism nerd--oh, guh.
2. So. fucking. beautiful.
3. Yeah, the gendered terms are a bit squicky for me, but easily played with. And when played with, make the symoblism of the roses so much more...yeah.
4. I have to wonder if the creators of Utena knew about this, because roses and the Lifestyle are so heavily woven into that series.
5. And, oh fuck, I have to go listen to Utena music now.
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The birthday presents I ordered for myself I arrived today. I got

Secretary DVD. The case is now in not so good shape. They put two stickers on the back, which took far too much to get off. I dinged the case a bit with my key, and then the nail polish remover I used to finally get them off spilled between the outer plastic and onto the paper cover, which will surely dry a bit winrkled. I'm trying to not get upset about this by thinking that symbolically, it's perfect for that film for the outside to be just a bit marred.

I also got The New Bottoming Book and The New Topping Book, the second of which I'm reading now. I'm only in the intro, and this line just...yeah.

[referring to The New Bottoming Book] We expected howls of protest from tops over out insistence that bottoms are powerful, beautiful, and irreplaceable...and we heard back from a whole bunch of tops saying "Well, it's about time"

Just one of the bits that's already hit me. Man. *goes back to book*
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