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As if Flying While Trans wasn't nerve wracking enough.

CNN Plays Cheerful Jackboot for TSA

Things I no longer feel safe doing while flying:
-Being myself

Fuck. this. shit. If it actually made me feel any safer, it MIGHT be different. Might. Nothing justifies sexual assault, not even 'security'. Also, this shit is why I have pinko liberal music; it keeps me from screaming too loudly because it reminds me that other people are outraged as well.
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Via Shakesville: My Body Is Mine

I shouldn't have to say it because everyone should know it, but FUCKING THIS.

Let's respect each other's bodily autonomy, okay? Okay.
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Looking at the TDOR list for this year so far, because I'm not depressed enough already (actually it's been a good day more or less, but you know)

Roy Antonio Jones III
Location: Southampton, NY
Cause of Death: Punched repeatedly and grabbed by the neck
Date of Death: August 1, 2010
Roy was 16 Months old.
Note: 20 year old Pedro Jones told police he had struck the infant several times with a closed fist. Jones said he was “trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl.”

This story always tugs my heartstrings out. I am pleased, if I can use that word, that the people who run TDOR put him on the list to remind people that it isn't just trans/genderqueer people who are hurt by transphobia and gender policing, but people too young to know just what they are yet.
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Somehow,I did not know that the stats for male victims of sexual assault was 1 in 7. I knew the stat for women was around 1 in 4. Well, I'm sure I'd read the male stat somewhere, but it didn't stick as hard, being a female bodied person and all.

Fuck. I knew it was higher than the media makes it out to be. But...and that's not even accounting for the fact that sexual assault for all genders is under reported.

Fuck you world.
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Oh hey, yesterday was the national Go Topless protest. Hmm, wonder if there'd be anyway to organise an event out here for next year. Wouldn't be a bad reason for my first arrest ^_^
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I had a whole bunch of my issues triggered earlier, so I'm having a long moment. Which is why I'm listening to a lot of Ani D.

My I.Q.

When I was four years old
They tried to test my I.Q.
They showed me a picture of 3 oranges and a pear
They said, which one is different?
It does not belong
They taught me different is wrong
But when I was 13 years old
I woke up one morning
Thighs covered in blood
Like a war
Like a warning
That I live in a breakable takeable body
An ever-increasingly valuable body
That a woman had come in the night to replace me
Deface me

Don't mind Adelai, sie's crazy tonight.
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If you disrespect ANYONE'S bodily autonomy, for any reason, I will judge you hard and I will probably lose any respect for you I ever had. I don't care if it's about reproduction, use of recreational drugs, body modification, etc. If they aren't hurting anyone (and I mean actually HURTING, not just tarnishing your mental image of them because they refuse to fit in your box), it is none of your damn business. And yes, this includes if you are their family/partner/dog.

Tosh will probably judge you too. As will Jack Harkness. He will not be amused by your shit. Ianto will just give you bad coffee. I think he had Owen spit in it or something.

Also, related but not: If I am close to falling completely over the edge, blasting Meredith Brook's 'Bitch' and lipsynch jamming out to the chorus helps A LOT.

Also: I am PMSing like woah, if you couldn't already tell. ARGH. Shit like this really, really makes me consider going on T because all my other options SUCK.

EDIT: How did I forget that listening to Ani D. is a great PMS reliever? Particularly Swan Dive. Oh Ani, why are you ALWAYS touring NY when I can't be there?
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