Jun. 20th, 2008

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] frozen_pixie for introducing me to The Cliks. Only heard one song so far, but...wow. And Lucas Silveria is so amazing...proof that hormones don't define gender.
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Jazz's bedroom is filled with things one would find in a typical girl's room: dresses in the closet, pink and purple sheets, and a bed overflowing with stuffed animals. There are also mermaids -- lots and lots of mermaids.

Asked why she liked mermaids so much, Jazz said, "Because they're different than us." She added, "They have tails."

"All of the male to female younger transgender children are obsessed with mermaids," said Renee. "It's because of the ambiguous genitalia. There's nothing below the waist but a tail. And how appealing is that for somebody who doesn't like what's down there?"

I haven't met any fellow genderqueers, not in person, or had any conversations with them, but...

I've always loved The Little Mermaid. And I remember when I was real small being envious of Ariel's ability to change her body. Even with the sacrifice she had to make (one which was eventually rectified, of course), she was able to be happy. And I could always relate to Ariel not feeling quite right in her world.

To be free one must give up a little part of oneself

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I'll probably be updating this from time to time as new things hit me, but...just evaluating my 'gender' traits (all of which are insanely stereotypical, heh)

I don't wear dresses or skirts
I keep my hair short
I wear very little makeup (and honestly the gloss is just to keep my lips moist)
I hate shopping
I no longer have my ears pierced, and when I did it was such a hassle
I like 'hard' music
I think breasts are beautiful and worthy of worship on anyone but me
I don't like looking at male genitalia (actually not sure which category this goes into)
I think watching two women kiss is one of life's greatest joys

I don't play sports
I like Tinkerbell and the colour pink (in moderation)
I like 'girlie' music
I'm very emotional, and I don't hide it (well, not much)
I hate math
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I found a way to bind that works. I don't know how it'll feel in warm weather, but...*shrug*

The weird thing I noticed? With a tanktop, they're barely noticable (that same doesn't go for the binding itself, but one of my boy overshirts would fix that nicely) but in a baggy shirt, holy god are they noticable. I have no idea why.

Four (almost three, now) days until I leave! *boogie*
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I Am

So beautiful.
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