Sep. 22nd, 2010

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So apparently Lucas Silveria of the Cliks has been on T for a year, which explains why his voice sounded very different in the last live vid I saw.

This is just a post to say that I am happy for him, but crushed personally which is ridiculous but...Lucas is one of the few moderately famous transmen I know of who was not on T (due to fear of fucking up his voice/having to take time off to relearn how to sing) and said things like 'I don't need a handlebar mustache to prove I'm a man'. And that was kind of empowering for this little genderfucker.

I completely understand that even if it wasn't in his plan originally, our dysphoria can shift and surgeries/hormones we hadn't planned originally can become necessary for our sanity. And I hope that was it; not for 'passing' in society but to be happy with himself. He seemed happy in his '1 year on T!' tweet today. And I'm sure he still believes you don't need a mustache/T/a 'normal' cock to be a man. It'll just take awhile for me to integrate this into my reality. And, while his new voice is very sexy, I did love his old one. *blasts Snakehouse*


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