Aug. 22nd, 2010

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Women Can "Think Their Way" To Orgasm

No shit. I've known this for...well, a long time.

And I'm sure men can too. But of course, men don't want to think about the possibility that they don't need a (insert hole of choice) to get off.

...yes, PMS makes me bitchy and a touch sexist at times, and I apologise. But REALLY? Yeah. The mind is our largest erogenous zone. Can we as a society come to grips with that, finally?

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If you disrespect ANYONE'S bodily autonomy, for any reason, I will judge you hard and I will probably lose any respect for you I ever had. I don't care if it's about reproduction, use of recreational drugs, body modification, etc. If they aren't hurting anyone (and I mean actually HURTING, not just tarnishing your mental image of them because they refuse to fit in your box), it is none of your damn business. And yes, this includes if you are their family/partner/dog.

Tosh will probably judge you too. As will Jack Harkness. He will not be amused by your shit. Ianto will just give you bad coffee. I think he had Owen spit in it or something.

Also, related but not: If I am close to falling completely over the edge, blasting Meredith Brook's 'Bitch' and lipsynch jamming out to the chorus helps A LOT.

Also: I am PMSing like woah, if you couldn't already tell. ARGH. Shit like this really, really makes me consider going on T because all my other options SUCK.

EDIT: How did I forget that listening to Ani D. is a great PMS reliever? Particularly Swan Dive. Oh Ani, why are you ALWAYS touring NY when I can't be there?
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I have a feeling tonight is going to be the night of my really horrible PMS breakdown. It happens most months anymore. One incredibly bad night emotionally+one incredibly bad night pain wise (sometimes these are the same night!), and then just bleh until ragging.

Fuck you uterus.

Yeah, I really think I'm going to get on finding a therapist and getting on T, because I cannot keep doing this.

On the plus side, we have a teapot now, so in awhile K and I are going to make Golden Honey Darjeeling. OM NOM.
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