May. 27th, 2010

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So I went to TDOR's website, just mildly-morbidly curious as to what the list looks like since last year.

Their list is not complete (not sure how often it gets updated), but they list 13 (all women, surprise surprise). Even discounting the women they have yet to add to the list, that's approximately two women *a month*. And these are just the ones who were reported, who were open....

I'm going to go stare at my shiny shoes for a bit to back off the cliff of rage.
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When I got home yesterday, I felt like garbage. I ended up sleeping for five hours pretty much right off. Felt kind of feverish for a bit. And I barely ate anything after that. Then I slept again until noon today (went to bed around 11:30).

Got up today and mouth was hurting. Felt aroudn with tongue--and, for the millionth time in like five years, it feels like one of my wisdom teeth is poking up.

Freaking hell. I know, almost without a doubt, that the damn thing won't actually break through. It'll stay there for a day, maybe two, before sinking back down until it bugs me again in 8-12 months (my sister has one that is doing the same thing and mom's side has a weird dental history *including canines that never descend, another thing I deal with* so, yeah, yay genetics?).

ARGH. Body, why so much fail?


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