Feb. 22nd, 2010

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So, no math today. Would have been lovely to know that before I got dressed etc. Sigh. Oh well, meant that when I got to the library I had time for coffee and to actually get ahead a bit more in said math.

I have 10+ pages worth of papers to write in the next month, along with math. And one of those papers I have no guidelines for. :( Which means working on them during spring break instead of fun writing like I'd wanted. And I have to find a way to really get ahead in math, since there are some assignments due the day after spring break ends and the website our assignments are on won't work at the parents'. Sigh.

BUT! Spring break will also hopefully mean the purchase of plane tickets. So, yay.

I'm seriously contemplating another cofee, which cannot be a good thing.

Instead, I shall curl up on one of the couches and start my World Lit reading for next week so all of tonight can be devoted to theatre paper. And being a lazy bum. Mostly the second.

ETA: Also, oh crap, I have to go to the show they're putting on this weekend. Which idiot!theatre teacher is directing. I could go to another one later in the semester (I have to see something of a dramatic nature and review it for class), but this is free. I just am terrified of the quality, because this woman knows nothing. But I think I know who is performing in it (it's a two person cast), and if it's the people I think it is, they know something about acting. So maybe that'll balance it out. Not holding my breath.
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Thinking that after I finally get around to listening to all of them, I'm going to attempt to rank all of Bowie's albums (not including compilations/singles/soundtracks that had songs that appeared on studio albums--but the Labyrinth soundtrack will be included, because, well duh). This may just break my brain.

*I'm not sure if I'll include Tin Machine or not. We'll see after I actually listen to them (I've heard the one song that's on Best of Bowie)


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