Aug. 7th, 2010

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On Yahoo 'news'--headline, 'worst grunters in tennis'. Okay, fluff but okay. Then you roll over and it's actually about 'worst *female* grunters in tennis'. Because, obviously, if men grunt it's okay, but if *women* do it they're unladylike or some other bullshit and not appropriate female.

Bleeeech. Fuck you, sexism and binary gender role oriented society. Emilie Autumn is not amused by your bullshit.
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Here's a weird one: reading or hearing [given name] coming from most people makes me uncomfortable at best, hurt at worst and yet I never correct them because unless someone's actually pissed me off, I'm pretty non-confrontational.


Girl, without ever being directly asked to do so, refers to me as [chosen name]...and it sounds weird. I'm so used to her calling me a variant of [given name] that is kind of sweet and a bit off. It's nice that she calls me [chosen name], but it leaves But full [given name] makes my skin crawl anymore. So I have no fucking clue what to do.
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Thing I hate about having so many universes in my head: having to pick one to play in.

I think that's one piece of why I haven't *really* written in months. I have Pearlshine (oh, fuck, Pearlshine), IAOB, that unnamed thing with Sheen, and then there's fandom. *collapse* And they're all shiny and beautiful in their own ways and...

Yeah. ADHD writer is not happy about being ADHD writer some days.
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