Dec. 3rd, 2008

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Since the people at adultemart don't answer their e-mail, they shipped the thing...but I'm pretty sure it'll charge to me instead of some poor old lady in Texas. And my strap-on is in Spearfish, I'm not sure what time mail gets delivered...*jumps up and down*

Oh, and mother is making me feel better about school again. Yay stress relief!
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So, the only outlets I can plug the fridge/TV/microwave into have died. YAY. Grr.

Also, fuck what is taking them so long to get my package here? It's been delivered to the main office, so...grrrr. If it's not here tonight, I'm going to be pissed. I need something to go right today.
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Listening to She Said Yes makes me feel so much better.
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So, I'm sure the rest of the world that cares already saw it, but Gackt's newest vid:

Who else is glad to see the cornrows gone?
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