Nov. 17th, 2008

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I think I've actually moved on.

I just spoke to them, and I didn't get the weird feeling this time.

I kept thinking I was out of it, but there was always that tiny shred that wasn't. I think that shred is...not gone. But it's in another place now.

I think that person's 51% of my heart has finally been completely taken over by Bri, and then some.

I think truly coming to terms with my gender i.d. has also helped in a sense that I would rather not go into now-both because I don't want to lock this and because I don't have time.

It feels good to be at peace.
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I feel kind of prepared for the Psych test tomorrow...but I said that last time and bombed.

Can everyone cross everything for me, please? I need to do well on this one to make sure I get a B overall.

*sigh*To dinner, then more studying, then shower, then more studying....
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Can everyone here please say they know that, if I am ever brain dead, I do not want to be kept on machines? Please?
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