Oct. 29th, 2008

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Another survey swiped from Amber's myspace

The sun don't shine where I'll be glowin' )
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So, I am now feeling completely emasculated thanks to my grandmother.

We were talking about money,and I mentioned saving up for Bri to come out this summer. And she started questioning why I would do that since they paid for me last summer, and how Bri should pay her own way, blah blah...and in my head I was just screaming 'Gentlemen do things like this, and I am a MOTHER FUCKING GENTLEMAN'

And it took so much for me to keep a civil tone and not start screaming/crying. I know that a big part of it, also, was she doesn't want to believe how serious Bri and I are. She wants to think it's some little cute crush that will go away and...

Fuck her.

The Cliks make me feel better. Good angry music. Sigh. I need to practice my speech, and put away groceries, and study more, and...blah. And thanks to shopping, I missed half of PD and I don't like tuning in for just half so I'll have to wait until ABC puts it up online. Well, it'll be a good reward for surviving tomorrow.
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