Oct. 18th, 2008

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Boys Love wasn't the most amazing thing ever-but it was touching and sweet and...well, if you want a happy movie...stop it about three minutes or so before the end. Then you can believe it ended happily. *sigh*

Actually got some work done on my Lit paper...having trouble finding really good articles/crit on A Rose For Emily, blah. Will probably spend a good part of tomorrow and Monday in the library. Today...laundry should be done in half an hour, so then I'll try to start my Comp paper and then work for an hour or so and then watch The Little Girl Who Conquered Time
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So...yesterday I think I finally came up with an ID I'm happy with when posting on Gender Outlaws...

Queer Boi.

It's still not 100% right (mainly because I'd like a more mature sounding term than boi, besides wo/man), but it's close. I mean, since I find men sexually attractive, but don't want to have sex with them...I think queer really is a better term than bi. Someone else (bio-female) noted how they like male clothing...but wish it came in flower print and such. I feel the same. I'd love a boy-cut shirt with Tinkerbell or Betty Boop on it.

I've also figured out a term for the way I 'present' that I like-I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with it, but I haven't heard it before. Femuline. I just...I really like the way it rolls off the tongue.

Related kind of...had to toss the packie because it was torn and I made it worse with a repair attempt. I'll probably make another one tomorrow since I have two more condoms. Might even make it tonight, we'll see.

I found a strap-on that's pretty cheap, I'll probably order it next month. I'm not sure if it'll work for packing though since it's more of the dildo type. I think I can get it to lay down with tight underwear...we'll see when I get it.

Also, I think I may look into shaving my upper lip. I had it waxed just before I came back from the long weekend, and the hair's already back pretty dark. Same thing happened when I bleached. I think shaving every day would bring about better results. *shrug*

EDIT: Found a song called 'The Femuline Hang On'...trying to listen to it, but the only words I can really make out are 'keeping it non-traditional', and of course I can't find the lyrics anywhere.


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