Oct. 8th, 2008

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So, in Wellness (equiv. of gym)...I was once more asked the question that is sure to make me tear up once I walk away:

Why don't you wear a bra? (actually it was more: "I think you'd be more comfortable if you wore a bra", which really meant "I'D be more comfortable if you wore a bra"

I explained as best I could-which was poor. I don't wear my binder right now because up unti very recently it's been way too hot, and they are really unpleasant to wear when working out. I wanted to say (for my male side) that men don't wear bras.

But I can't say that.

So I fumbled my way through and then walked off swearing and fighting tears.

It's a good thing we're not allowed steak knives in our rooms, or I might just chop the damn things off to be done with all of this.
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Apparently the issue is with my laptop, not the school internet, because it acts the same way when I bring it to the library.

Grrrr. I didn't do anything to you, you stupid computer. Why have you decided to act up?

On the good side though, as long as everything worked right, I ordered Bri's present today (found it cheap on half, wanted to make sure it wasn't snatched by someone else).

EDIT: If I use AOL, internet works on my laptop...no idea why that is.

EDIT THE SECOND: Everything should be fine...possibly may end up having to reorder, but probably not. Blargh.
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All I've been posting today is angst. So let's go some place happier for a sec, kay?

Text NSFW )

EDIT: Realized that 'The Internet Is For Porn' would have been a more appropriate song...^_^
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Think B4 You Speak

This made my day. Not the Hilary Duff one, but the others...they'll probably be ignored by the masses, but still


Oct. 8th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Taking a survey on trans discrimination...very begininng, this made me happy.

3. What is your primary gender identity today?

And the fact that they didn't just ask 'are you trans?' but 'are you trans OR gender non conforming in anyway?'

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