Oct. 2nd, 2008

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I slept...weird last night. Woke up once around midnight I believe (again, no eyes on so couldn't be sure)...and remained half awake until my alarm went off. I was dreaming but not really. I didn't see anything, I was just kind of talking to myself.

Yeah. I'm considering skipping first (and maybe second as well) because, holy god I am tired. So, so tired.
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So I've decided to at least attempt to go to every class except Speech. I am definitely not going to that class, I can't function until almost five.

In better news...six months today ^_^ I really wish Pushing Daisies Insider had put up some of the Ned/Chuck quotes from last night, because then I'd totally post one of those. But quotes from last season will work.

Are you in love with her? 'Cause it's that level of stupid )

Of course, this shouldn't surprise anyone (outside of the kitchen part)

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I should call the bank to try to straight out my account mess.

But that sounds like way too much work.

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