Sep. 27th, 2008

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Why must SD be the only state without an Amtrack line? *growls*I'm getting a bad feeling I won't have a job this semester, so it'll be really hard, if not impossible, to afford plane tickets.

*sigh and goes to find an anime to throw hirself into*
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I really, really need to stop listening to this song.

But it makes me so very happy, and not in the naughty way...the latter half of the vid is what starts the naughty thoughts.

And, dammit, why do random keys keep jamming? *growls*
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Or more accurately anymore, Bri.

I've started to look up packing a bit more...and I was very annoyed just now...we actually have a basket of condoms downstairs (yeah...) and I thought 'Hmm...I could get some hair gel, couple condoms and make it myself instead of paying $80 *just discovered another jamming key, dammit* for a better model, since I won't be doing anything with it'...and the damn basket was empty.

I tried socks once, and that really didn't work and with how hot it's been...

Yeah. I...I just want to see how it feels.

Oh, and if you listen to this song...don't worry, I have never and never will do any of the things they mention ^_^

"Folks, the Wet Spots care about your bums"

And we care about yours, Cass ^_^
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I wondered how long it was going to take them to touch on that....
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