Aug. 23rd, 2008

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So, what fluff did Alicia find to calm herself down?

Why, Moulin Rouge of course! Popped in the soundtrack for the first time in probably six months or more.

Come What May almost made me bawl. But it was the good kind of bawling.

Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around you

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I just woke up from the most heartbreakingly-wonderful dream.

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From Bilierico...

I don't like voting for or against a candidate because of their stance on one issue. But when it comes to voting- and a candidate is anti-gay- that's a deal breaker. I had family that died in the gas chambers in Germany because they didn't think a candidate would be as bad as his public statements against Jews had been. I refuse to settle for being a second-class citizen and neither should you! Furthermore, I can give you a boatload of reasons as to why Barack Obama will make a far better president than John McCain and why John McCain will be harmful besides their stances on sexual orientation issues.

In 2000, 25 % of gay people voted for George W. Bush and in 2004 Bush received 23% of the gay vote. I consider the LGBT people who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 to be idiots except, perhaps, for the very wealthy who could buy their rights. Those people I find reprehensible for their lack of compassion for those less fortunate. Personally I believe that as a community we are failing if we can only convince 68% of our community to stand up for our civil rights. Yes, the final vote should be an improvement over 2000 and 2004 if the majority of the 15% undecided come to their senses and vote for Obama. A lot more than 68%, 73%, or even 75% of Jews would vote for their rights, and the same for African Americans, if a candidate publicly took stands against them the way John McCain and the Republican Party have against gays!

Yeah. I had previously planned to vote for McCain-until I read some of the bass-ackward things he's said. Not disapproving of the man's military record or any of that-I just think his head's in the wrong place. I'm going to find Erin of VE's rant after Bush was elected-it fits perfectly now.

EDIT: Here they are

I don't love either candidate, but I voted for the one who hadn't actively campaigned against my civil rights
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