Aug. 7th, 2008

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Since a few people apparently got worried over my last post (thanks for the chat, [ profile] iluvlabyrinth) I am fine. I'm just finnaly, really, coming to terms with what has happened. That none of it was me, it was her becoming someone else and just choosing a really crappy time to do that.

I still love her, for what she got me through. And I forgive her.

I'm just not making the same mistake yet again of believing that it can be just the way it was, or anything like it.
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AHH! Sugarland concert tonight! Yay! Just heard their cover of Life In A Northern Town on the radio...I really wish they'd do that, but I doubt it. But as long as they do Settlin' and Baby Girl, which I'm sure they will since they were big hits, I'll be happy.
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