Jun. 16th, 2008

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Tommy: What is that?
Hedwig: It's what I have to work with.

Hedwig: It is clear that I must find my other half. But is it a he or a she? What does this person look like? Identical to me? Or somehow complimentary? Does my other half have what I don't? Did he get the looks? The luck? The love? Were we really separated forceably or did he just run off with the good stuff? Or did I? Will this person embarass me? What about sex? Is that how we put ourselves back together again? Or can two people actually become one again?

Hansel's Mom: To be free, one must give up a part of oneself.

Tommy: Eve just wanted to know shit.

Tommy: Oh, God, oh, Hedwig, when Eve was still inside Adam, they were in paradise.
Hedwig: That's right, honey.
Tommy: When she was separated from him, that's when paradise was lost. So when she enters him again, paradise will be regained.
Hedwig: However you want it, honey. Just kiss me while we do it.

Damn I need to buy this movie...
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Been so long since I listened to this song, and now I remember why.

It's so hard to love when love was your great dissapointment

Fuckkity fuck fuck.
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