Jun. 14th, 2008

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About to head off to bed, but before I do...

10 days ^_^
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Up godawful early because my body's making me regret that pizza last night (but it was sooooo good). However...this made me happy.

Still other people identify as genderqueer since, though they are cisgendered [ a neologism meaning "not transgender"] , they do not fit many of society's expecations for the gender in which they identify.

And this poem, from the same place...

Battle Scars
by Michael Alexander

I want scars.
I want to give someone who spent too long at school
Seven thousand dollars to cut me open,
Take out the tissue I don't want,
Sculp my chest into something I can bear to look at,
And lay train tracks of sutures
From armpit to breastbone,
Hopefully symmetrical.
And when the drains are gone
And the stitches dissolved or removed.
And I go swimming for the first time in nearly ten
And go out to get the paper in the morning without a
shirt on and not give a damn who sees,
I want those lines on my chest.
I want everyone to see
That I am NOT like the others

I am NOT just another guy
I am a Transboy
I am genderqueer
And I did NOT have this chest reconstructed
So I could fit in.
I want chest reconstruction
So I can fit into myself.
If that means male priviledge that I never asked for,
Then so be it,
And I will use that male priviledge to the best of my
To undermine itself and its source
And make people listen for once.

And when I wear short sleeves
You can see a patch on my arm that ain't nicotine.
Patch over gel over injection, because it is visible.
Look at me, my body don't produce testosterone,
I wear it on my arm.
I will not be invisible,
I will not compromise my identity
My complexity
So that you can call me a man and think you get it
When really you don't have a clue

I am Transgender
And when I am post-op
And I remove my shirt
I will show my scars proudly.
They are the scars of everyone
Who has felt invisible or misunderstood,
Everyone who has fought and is fighting,
With their hairstyles and clothes, mascara that
thickens eyelashes or turns peach fuzz into a goatee,
Everyone who has a million scars that lie unseen.
I share those scars beneath the surface
And when I scrape together seven thousand dollars
Just to give it away,
I will bear my people's scars
And I will NOT forget
And I will NOT take for granted
And my scars will remind the world that we are NOT all
the same.

Michael Alexander lives in Boston , MA in the US . He
came out as FTM in 1997 and has been active in the
Trans community ever since. When he started to pass
100% as male, he came to realise that he was not
male-identified as he had previously thought
, although
he does not regret his decision to take hormones and
have top surgery. He now proudly identifies as a
queer/pansexual genderqueer Transboy. Michael loves
getting E-mail and can be reached at

More can be found here.


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