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I'll be starting Effexor sometime this coming week. My only hope at this moment is that it will not make me itch like crazy like Wellbutrin did.

I also have to have blood work sometime in the next three weeks to make sure my liver and kidneys are working proper (since antidepressants and lots of other meds aren't a good idea for those with liver/kidney problems). Not concerned; I had to have bloodwork like that A LOT when I was young due to all the things I had to take to stay functioning. Although I don't like the idea of needles, obviously :(

The NP I talked to seemed mostly awesome and to understand the gender crap etc. She was surprised for some reason that I'd been bullied--apparently I don't look like I'd stand out in a TEEEEEEENY tiny school. O_O. On the other hand, when I asked what the rates of sexual dysfunction for Effexor were she immediately went 'oh, it's really low and I understand that you're concerned since you're seeing your partner soon'--especially nice since I'd kind of hem'd and haw'd on the 'are you sexually active' question since depending on what you mean by that I am or I'm not. She did seem to do a kind of nervous laugh after, when she'd noted how 'well we have to make sure you're not pregnant since the meds can harm the fetus', I replied with 'well if I WAS pregnant I wouldn't stay so for long'. Yeah, I'm really blunt about the fact that no matter how that happened, I'd have an abortion--if nothing else, because the hormone wiggity-whack can increase the crazy (not to mention gender dysphoria and other things like how my crazy should not be passed on).

(Note to self: Friday, call to make next appt. and to arrange payment since you forgot your bloody debit card this morning)
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