Sep. 8th, 2010

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  • Casestudy for Human Services

  • Presentation proposal for Social Policy

  • Start reading The Working Poor
  • Watch Covert Affairs
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-Someone who has already made it clear they think transfolk are LOLARIOUS and/or a fetish referring to me as [birth name]
-This person being an officer of a club I am also an officer of
-Doing this when other officers refer to me as [chosen name]
-Said person also being a giant douche for other reasons
-Running into the advisor for the GLBT club, who is also a former prof, and being called [birth name]
-...even though I'm sure I introduced myself as [chosen name] to the club last year. Yes, she met me as [birth name], but she knew then that I was genderqueer so REALLY. And people in anime club who met me as [birth name] have GENERALLY been very good about the change. I'd believe that, as we were just passing each other, she might have forgotten in the moment, if she hadn't referred to me as [birth name] before in spaces where there was no hurry.


Sigh. Mylene rocks, though.

Translation by Veronique Lepine

Since i have to choose
Then gently I can say it
With no forgery
That I am a boy
Not for all the world
I could just now undress
Because with no forgery
I say I'm a boy

Alone in my wardrobe
Dark rings under my eyes
Hidden from all the eyes
I'm challenging the fate
In that world which is just cock and bull
I do only what I feel
Handkerchief set up in my trousers
I 'm the Knight of Eon

Since I have to choose

Time after time driven
From all your company
I can't stand one threatens
Resolutions of mine
I don't care, you may speak about it
I'm a chameleon
Just watch each of all my tin soldiers
I'll bet that they'll kill you

Since i have to choose
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-Girl betting me one of her male sims will get knocked up by aliens, losing said bet and owing me a three-pack of Ferrero Rochers---even though my only answer to her challenge was to laugh.
-Getting the check from Girl for Christmas-flight tickets, and finding said check in a letter that, along with a few other phrases, had the phrase 'I love you' all down the page.
-Girl snarling at people who call me [birth name]--even though I never, ever asked her to call me [chosen name].
-Rereading the letter Girl sent me admitting her crush and realising once more that sometimes life doesn't suck squirrel balls.
-...basically, Girl.
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