Aug. 27th, 2010

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So Mom called to blather about the things she's bringing to the apartment next, etc. She asks if I want my old computer.

The one that crashed just a little bit after the last time NE pulled shit. That had a lot of the things pertaining to that relationship on it.

At first, when I was all crazy about them, I wanted to get the hard drive taken out to see if anything could be salvaged. This never happened for various reasons.

And on the phone...I blithered. 'Well, the only things of value are relating to...and part of me wants to, but at the same time, it would be a really bad idea, blither blither'

Her: Okay, I'll just put it in your closet.

...near the books NE gave me. I also mentioned how, unknowingly, when she cleaned the closet Mom probably put some of those books into my things. And she says something about how I can throw them out if I want...

But it wasn't the books' fault things happened like they did. I can't hurt a book for NE's sins.

And then we got blathering about, how, you know, I'm not over NE really and how that's pathetic, and how the reason is we never really broke up properly and all the dramarama surrounding that. Mother suggested putting a note up on facebook spilling it all, in case NE still reads mine. Well, that's not possible now, as we're not Facebook friends and I've locked mine down as much as I can. But I said that in any case, that'd be a bad idea because I'd say things that were just horrible and untrue, and that I really don't want to drag a four-year old drama out into public again. NE has moved on, I hope, far better than I.

I need to let them do that. Provided they don't pop up with another random 'I think you'll like this book!' like they did almost two years ago.

...this post would have had a lot more of what went on during that phone call, things I spilled, etc, but I basically just woke up and have a headache. So there we are.


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