Aug. 23rd, 2010

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I had a whole bunch of my issues triggered earlier, so I'm having a long moment. Which is why I'm listening to a lot of Ani D.

My I.Q.

When I was four years old
They tried to test my I.Q.
They showed me a picture of 3 oranges and a pear
They said, which one is different?
It does not belong
They taught me different is wrong
But when I was 13 years old
I woke up one morning
Thighs covered in blood
Like a war
Like a warning
That I live in a breakable takeable body
An ever-increasingly valuable body
That a woman had come in the night to replace me
Deface me

Don't mind Adelai, sie's crazy tonight.
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It's missing the first line or two, but this is the most kickass version of one of the sweetest love songs ever.

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Oh hey, yesterday was the national Go Topless protest. Hmm, wonder if there'd be anyway to organise an event out here for next year. Wouldn't be a bad reason for my first arrest ^_^
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