Aug. 1st, 2010

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So, this cycle was exactly 28 days. Very average.

What will the next one be? NO ONE KNOWS. If I'm looking at things right, the month before was 33 days. And then there's the times I've completely skipped a month (it's happened at least twice in the last two years). Seriously, this shit's getting ooooold. Crap like this is why I sometimes consider putting more female hormones into my body. The boi in me sobs for that...but then considers that it'd be nice to know when the uterus is going to remind him of its existance so he can go drink.

Couple this with the fact that I may not get up to the flat on the day we'd planned due to car crap, I'm not so happy. However, this means that PMSing is over and oh my god the last two pre-menstural times have been so horrible, I have no idea what the hell was up with that shit. It had better have been Girl having an affect on my hormones, because otherwise I may have to kill someone next month.
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So, um, what I said last night about being so glad I wasn't PMSing anymore etc. etc.?

Ha. Ha. And again I say HA.

For the first time in many nights, I set to get to bed before three. I got to bed at one...only to be woken at 3:30 by monstrous cramps. Okay. Fine. This doesn't happen often, but it happens. I'll watch Utena! ...oh shit, on to the Black Rose arc. That's depressing. Um. But okay, there's still Utena and Anthy, and they're cute. Oh! I have a package of milanos that grandmother gave me the day we got the flat. I'll grab those and snarf the whole thing while watching Utena in bed. Ace!

...if I could find them.

So, yes. I've been tearing around the house, threatening to kill cats and almost crying, because I can't find my cookies.

Yes, I'm also pissed about maybe not getting to the flat on Tuesday, and oh yeah, I'm still depressed about being away from Girl as I am after being with her, but I'm also fucking pissed that my family somehow lost my roobios that I didn't get to try and my milanos, which I rarely buy for myself becuase they're pricey. Mother: 'Well we still have fudge stripes', that package is dad's (the other got snarfed by all of us) and two, those aren't my milanos, fuck you gonna kill a cat's gonna be a fun couple of days.


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