Jun. 10th, 2010

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Just dyed my hair red again. Now, my hair *drinks* dye. Usually, even with short hair, a whole bottle of bright red ends up dull brunette.

This time? See my icon of Ana right there? Yeah, probably about that. Not all over, mostly highlights, but still. Probably the reddest I've ever been. Wowza.

Not that I mind. I love being a redhead. It's one of those rare, stupid things that makes me feel incredibly sexy. Now I just need to find some good product to hold it down....
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So, functionally, it's about five days until I leave.

Things that must be done:
-General grooming. Figure out what to do with hair now that it's all...*waves* and shave. I hate shaving :( I think I'd like it more if I had a proper razor, but these plastic things are shit. MUST GET SHAVING KIT SOMEDAY.

-Try on the dress trousers I found last night to see what pair fits best.

-See if there's anyway I can wear the waistcoat and look presentable, because I love it.

-Fight with suitcase, re: getting my three pairs of shoes in there. WTF, guys, why am I taking three pairs of shoes? Oh right, because I'm a dandy when the mood strikes.

-Finish figuring out what is going on carry-on bag and laptop bag and get those packed.

-Snag some motherfucking internet so I can get DW. Geebus, I'll be six eps behind this week. And I have been hearing such wonderful things about Vincent and the Doctor (and, um, I might have a wee crush on Tony Curran. Gingers FTW!).
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The fact that you're actually looking up what it takes to get your gender marker changed on your papers? Yeah. That says something. Maybe not quite waht it looks like on the outside, but something.

In other words, this semester, get your ass into therapy. Not the counseling center at school (though free, issues). Find someone in town who you can talk to and who won't act like Paula. At the very least, feel out getting on T cream.


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