Apr. 4th, 2010

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Woman Murdered For Being A Woman

Misreporting by the police and the media contributes to the erasure of the murder rates of trans women, yet each and every murder is one more manifestation of the international undeclared war that is being waged against us – and this is never mentioned.

Last year’s stats average out to a murder rate of one trans woman every 52.5 hours – over three a week – and this is on the basis of known, recorded murders; it’s a reasonable assumption that the actual figure is much higher. But even working from the known figures, a quick ‘back of an envelope’ calculation suggests that, if this murder rate was applied to cis women, then at least 1,332,000 cis women globally would have been murdered in the past two years, for nothing more or less than being cis women.

I know, statistically speaking, that the murder of trans women/trans feminine individuals is far higher than that of trans men/trans masculine ones (and that alone says some really horrible things about society as a whole that hurt to think about), but that doesn't change the fact that these things break my heart. No one should die just because they are who they are, goddammit. We should be able to feel safe to disclose our surgical/hormonal/genetic past to potential sexual partners without fearing for our lives.

And when we are killed, the truth should be told. In these circumstances, although I am all about being truthful that some women weren't 'born women' (I think that phrase is bullshit, but that's another rant), when we are killed, the truth is that we were killed not for being trans women and men, but for being women and men when society thinks we shouldn't be. Thus, we should be listed as women and men so the truth will be told. We weren't killed because someone found out we were lying about our sex (that defense, also bullshit), but because we were ourselves and the fact that they were attracted to someone who didn't fit into a teeny tiny box terrified them.



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