Mar. 31st, 2010

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Reading about Betty Williams has strengthened my desire to join the Peace Corps like you people would not believe. Just...*handwave at link up above and quotes*

"We should stop worshipping flags and respect the people, remember the people and forget the flags.”

"God doesn't start wars. That's the greatest load of nonsense. Mankind starts wars. But then we bless armies to go and kill in God's name. Somebody's got to blow that myth out of the water."

"I swear to God, it's an incredible force for good if you can remember that nonviolence is the weapon of the strong."


Mar. 31st, 2010 01:28 pm
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Oh. Apparently today is The Transgender Day of Visibility.


Here's what I have to say:

Hi. I'm Adelai, and I'm a genderqueer tranny boi.

I am as out as I can safely be in my daily life. Many people know, at least, that I dislike being referred to by my birth name. T

They aren't always good about not using birth name. I am still too terrified to correct them or to ask for proper pronouns.

I am not out at work or to most of my professors.

I have come out to my family, but my identity gets ignored.

I am out to my partner, who is just about the only person in R/L who respects and acknowledges my identity.

I speak up when classes are separated into 'boys and girls', or when the binary is otherwise referenced.

I make sure people know that there is a distinction between drag and being transgendered.

I make it known, when it is safe, that I am not a girl or a lady or a boy or a gentleman, but some other wonderful creation.

I wear makeup and suits. I wear t-shirts that make it clear that I have no shaved my underarms.

I acknowledge that it is not safe for everyone to be out, even in the limited situations/locales where I am out. South Dakota is not the safest space, but there are ones that are far more dangerous.

Thus, part of the reason I am out is because the closet is dark, tiny and I'm clusterphobic.

Another part of the reason I am out is because I feel like, especially in the place I live, I am one of the few voices for my brothers, sisters, and anyone else who doesn't fit into the mold they were poured into. Yes, I could do more. But for now, what I do is what is safe for me. I shout, but only a prepared speech.

I will not stop making noise after my transition. I will be clear about the fact that I used to have breasts, but didn't want them. If I take T, if I begin to pass as male, I will be very clear about the fact that I had a female past, and that it is part of my future. I will not stop making noise and making people uncomfortable until it is safe for all of us to walk through every area of our lives safely, with our true selves out and acknowledged. Because after you take away the names, pronouns, bits, and clothes, we are all just people. And we deserve to be treated as like everyone else, no matter what names, pronouns, bits and clothes we have.

My name is Adelai. I'm a human just like you.


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