Mar. 14th, 2010

axeslade: (tosh bs)
Yesterday kind of sucked.

During a long discussing with father and his one friend, the topic of my future career came up, and moving to NY. And both of them started saying things along the lines of 'if being with a girl was going to be that much trouble, I'd find another girl'. And dad brought up this girl at his work who he thinks would be perfect for me; and his friend said something about how casual dating/sex isn't bad and why don't I do that because it'd be easier. It was so fucking hard to be civil. It just hurt so much. I'm tired of people, especially family, doubting the validity of my relationship simply because we don't see each other that often. If they both hadn't quickly veered into other conversation, I would have asked him, well, if you'd had to live away from Mom for several years at the beginning of your relationship, would you have said she wasn't worth the trouble? In retrospect I'm sure he'd say no.

And then I had this horrid wedding dream, wherein other person was a male and, you know, not Girl and...I'm just so tired of these mindfucks.

*eyes counter a few posts down, sighs*
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