Feb. 4th, 2010

axeslade: (juno cheese)
Just read a post by someone talking about their LDR (which is a lot worse than Girl and mine's in terms of logistics), and referring how from the outside, they probably make it look really easy but how it's really damn hard, but how it's worth it.

Um, yeah.

And, well, that little part of my brain and heart that will always be a bit bruised and scarred from the thing with NE spoke up about how, for all the shite NE put me through, they [okay, sidenote: the fact that I'm now posting at a place they will never read, and that they stopped reading my lj years ago, but I'm still not using names or gender? Yeah, sigh. Course, everyone but them always knew who I was talking about] probably taught me a lot that helps me deal with this.

A couple people know exactly what NE pulled. The neat and tidy version is I put in a lot of patience for very little payout. Now, when only one party's doing that? Yeah, things fall apart. But when both (or more, I'm open minded) parties are being patient, and when there's communication (another thing horribly lacking in the mess with NE) and...

Yeah, not quite as bad. But I don't think I would have had quite the patience to put up with many years of good-but-still-really-sucky-sometimes if I hadn't put up with...I don't know a good turn of phrase to describe that mess.

You can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned

Yeah, that.
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