Jan. 17th, 2010

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So, finally, the post about changing my major.

Over break, for various reasons, it finally really sunk in that I probably will have to get a real job. Now, I still believe the quote over on my sidebar. But most of the world doesn't.

If it were just me, I'd live in a box. But I've also realized/accepted that it definitely won't be just me. So.

I've decided to change my major to Human Services, after much chatting with the mother(who has finally accepted that I will never try to be a teacher). There's a good chance I could get an office job much like the one I have now; instead of the kind of work my parents do/did (father used to, before he got blacklisted for daring to tell people to follow the rules, etc); while still helping people (and possibly getting a better feel for many of the issues I write about than one can get from the internet, books and some anecdotal stuff from friends).

There's also a good chance I'd have to spend two years in NYC for graduate studies. That deserves it's own post, because OMFG terrifying.

But, yeah.


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