Jan. 16th, 2010

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Okay, I'm sure most of you people know that Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are now engaged. How much awesome will be at that wedding?


AFP twittered this today.

morning. new daily ritual: look in mirror. think of the word "wife". feel terror. then ponder who the husband is. then feel unstoppable joy.

That bold bit? With the gendered terms removed?

That kind of sums up the last two years for me.

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So, went grocery shopping today. For under $60, I got...

Woo! Food! )

Plus a new pair of headphones and bathroom sundries for under $20. I still have $87 to my name (plus whatever is in my plastic baggie of loose change). Yays!
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  • Laundry

  • Read the thing D. sent me so I can give him con. crit

  • Skim Oedipus Rex and the first chapter of my Soc book again

  • Read two more chapters of the reading for World Lit

  • Fight with math
  • Done! Meaning I get to reward myself by doing the next item on the list ^_^ (annnnd I currently have 100%!)

  • Read Hellblazer
  • Must. buy. second. volume.

  • Figure out what to say about changing my major
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