Jan. 10th, 2010

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So I remember to blather about it at length once it's not 12 AM. I have decided to change my major. It won't be anything English related. English will now be my minor.

Stopping now, before my soul dies more.
axeslade: (queen of wands future will eat me)
I cannot sleep. ARGH. This wouldn't be bad if I didn't have things to do tomorrow. Okay, well, just making sure Mother hems my pants and then calling Girl sometime in the afternoon, BUT STILL. I have to be awake before noon, which means I really should be sleeping. But cannot because every little noise in the house sounds like a jackhammer to me right now for some reason.

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Top surgeron in Florida

~$6k, which is ~4k less then other surgeons I've looked at. Options, squee!

(Of course, if anyone could find me reviews of this guy, I'd be grateful. My Google-fu is poor)
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